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can i ask about something?


Can you add a fast option, this option makes the game run better with no lag in the start when you open the game it shows you (Graphics Quality) it called * Fastest *

When we click * Fastest * in Graphics Quality this will make the game fast, I play the game every time and it lags a little bit, I hope you understand me, just put the Fastest Quality option then the game will run better on the computers 

Yes, the biggest problem in this build is, that you can't turn off the post processing effects (ambient occlusion, bloom, depth of field). I'm planning to add this option to turn off all these effects in the next version. It can drasctically increase the performance.

Ok, Thanks

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will the full game be free?, please tell me i will buy it but tell me if it gonna be free

What a fantastic Indie game, I wanted to play a game like this but it had a virus, that made me sad then i didn't download it :'( , but urge is one of the coolest save game that doesnt have any virus, Thank you for Creating it and have a good day!

Its a game about peeing. It's a weird game about peeing.

SKIP TO 21:07!!!

I  held the urge...


Very enjoyable game. My current record is 5000 or so. I really hope the full game turns out well. I had a lot of fun recording it, but didn't do to well.

Hey, i played your game in an indie romp video i did. Downloaded it blind so I had no idea about the toilet mechanic XD that was hilarious. Hope you enjoy the video. Yours is the first game a I played

One of the most bizarrely ridiculous game mechanics I've encountered, and I thought it was great! Would definitely love to see a more expansive version of the game eventually. Here's my playthrough: 

Ive never been so confused, excited and scared by a game lol awesome and funny demo!

cool game until those aliens appeared lol


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hi, big thx for the crazy game :) greetings from germany

I knew exactly what to expect... and it was still weird.


THIS was something else XD

Thanks for the fun!

Played this for a 3 free indie horrors, and thought it was kinda neat. Could had definitely been better, but not a bad game overall. If you're looking for some more in-depth and honest feedback, i give just that in my video below!

Thanks for the feedback, by the way it was made solo and the shotgun is shooting a real projectile, so there could not be a range cutted.

Is there damage falloff at a certain distance?


Huh, that's interesting, as in the video I shot (What I believed to be) Dead center at mid range and didn't seem to see any particles come off of the enemy, indicating a hit. How much of a spread is there? Also, are the tall zombie like creatures Kill-able? If so, how many shots?

Yes, the pile of meat is killable (5 shots), there is actually no spread on the shotgun, I have just made the projectile bigger. The projectile flies from the shotgun not from middle screen.

I must now live with the knowledge that I have played a game that I actively pee in...

You and me both lol